Sally Agarwal Debuts at Vicki Sarge

Captivated by the distinctive beauty of raw, uncut Indian diamonds, Sally Agarwal has made these beguiling stones the central adornment of her eponymous fine jewellery line. Polki diamonds, as these precious stones are known, have been prized in Rajasthan and Gujarat since the Mughal Empire and traditionally featured as the focal point of ornate ceremonial jewels. Traveling to Mumbai to investigate her Indian ancestry, Sally discovered the rare quality of polki diamonds with the help of her extended family, which includes world-class diamantaires.

Compared to the sharp brilliance and defined shape of chiselled diamonds, a subtle, almost mysterious shimmer and distinctiveness imbue polki diamonds. “Because they are uncut and, raw, each one is different and therefor dictates its own individual setting,” explains Sally.

Working with key members of her family, Sally forged relationships with the finest dealers of Polki diamonds and also gained access to a reputed Mumbai workshop. Her line is conceived there by master craftsmen according to her own designs. “My approach is simplicity,” she says of the minimalist spirt of contemporary refinement defining her work. “My jewels showcase the pure beauty of polki diamonds.”

The Sally Agarwal Core Collection is composed of luxuriant staples including Stud Earrings as well as undulating strand necklaces and sensual bracelets. The stones are bezel-mounted and set in 18-carat yellow gold. Sally Agarwal Couture Jewels feature dazzling cocktail rings and chandelier earrings contrasting polki with cut diamonds as well as coloured gemstones and South Sea pearls.